Our Packages

We currently offer the below packages, plus our plans for essay editing. We're also happy to meet on an hourly basis to discuss whatever aspects of the college admissions process you might have questions or concerns (Sometimes our best service is simply guiding an organized discussion between parents and the student!).


These plans are simply meant to add structure to a process we will work through together. Ultimately, each plan will be tailored to the individual student's needs and goals!

Freshman Package

  • Pursuing a Rigorous High School Curriculum

  • What Makes a Well-Rounded College Applicant?

  • Making the Most of Summer Breaks


  • Initial High School Resume/Activity List

  • Draft High School Extracurricular Timeline

  • Enrollment in Compelling Summer Activities

Sophomore Package

  • College Admissions 101

  • Understanding College Fit

  • Crafting an Initial College Interest List

  • When to take the SAT/ACT


  • Create/Refine High School Resume

  • Create an Initial Fit Criteria List

  • Create an Initial College Interest List

Junior Package

  • Developing a Strategic Admissions Strategy

  • Refining the College List

  • Crafting Compelling Application Essays


  • Refine High School Resume/Activity List

  • Complete In-Depth College Research Worksheet

  • Brainstorm and Begin Drafting College Essays

Senior Package

  • Azimuth Check

  • Essay Brainstorming/Review and Interview Prep

  • Common/Coalition App Guidance


  • Refine High School Resume and Build Senior Timeline

  • Complete Common/Coalition App Requirements

  • Complete College Essays and Conduct Interview Practice

  • Efficiently Apply to Relevant Scholarships

*Note: All packages include unlimited email correspondence. Additionally, while we don't set strict timelines, each package is intended to last the duration of a high school semester.