Rural Initiative


The Challenge:

Our rural communities are home to some of the most impressive, intelligent, and creative students in the country. However, too frequently these communities are ignored or largely passed over by colleges visiting high schools and and other college-preparatory service providers. As a result, too few of our promising rural students are attending college and when they do, undermatching - attending a college that a student is academically overqualified for - is far too common.

Why College?:

Post-secondary education - that is, some form of training or education past high school - is absolutely critical for all students. In fact, by 2020 it's estimated the 65% of all jobs in the country will require some form of post-secondary education, with the highest paying jobs going to those with college degrees.

Theory of Change:

Here at Foundry Admissions, it's our strong belief that post-secondary education - specifically college - at schools that match well with our promising rural students offers a win-win situation for both the student and the student's rural community. Why do we believe this? A high percentage of young adults (typically when settling down with families) are now moving back to their hometowns or hometown regions. With increased attendance at our nation's best colleges, our rural communities will benefit when their former students begin to move back, start business, and strengthen the tax base.

Rural Campaigns:

We plan to address these challenges through a series of rural campaigns. These campaigns will target specific rural regions and involve a range of engagements with students, parents, and high school faculty to encourage, guide, and assist our rural students in achieving acceptance to our nation's best colleges - in turn building the long-term prospects for rural community economic development.


More to follow!