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College Admissions May Notes

Can you believe it’s May already? I hope everyone’s Spring is going well! Personally, I have been absolutely loving the warmer weather we’ve had over the last week.


May is always a busy time for our students – managing difficult coursework, taking AP tests, preparing for and/or taking SATs, sports, etc. If you or your student is feeling the stress associated with this period, just know that they are not alone!

New College Guide! I’m also super excited about the brand new college admissions guide we just published last week! It will be super helpful for students (and parents) of all high school grades. Check it out here: Climbing the Mountain: A Guide to College Admissions


This month, I want to focus on actions for our Juniors.


May Tasks for Juniors:


o   Close out the year with a strong GPA: Remember that this will be the last full semester colleges see at your time of application submission. Make sure to take advantage of these last full weeks of the academic calendar.

o   Ask Teachers for teacher recommendations: We recommend asking 2-3 teachers with at least one from a core subject (Math, English, or Science).

o   Establish your Common App account: Just go to – it’s completely free and easy to do.

o   Refine your college list: At this point, we recommend getting the list down to less than 20 colleges.

o   Begin brainstorming your personal essay: Don’t wait on this! We want to have the essay completed before August 1st, and for most students, it will take longer than expected to get this done! (See my note below on our upcoming essay bootcamps).

o   Prepare for the Summer: How will you spend this time? Colleges will be interested!



Personal Essay Masterclass: I’m excited to let you know of a partnership we’ve formed with Melissa Vincel - an editor, ghost writer, and story doula for NYT bestselling authors, college-bound high school students, and anyone striving to tell their story. She won numerous regional and national writing scholarships on her way to Skidmore College (‘02), and has spent the last 20 years writing and creating safe writing spaces, particularly for those who have experienced loss. She adores humans of all ages, especially teenagers.


Enroll in our Masterclass with Melissa here:


As always, if you have questions or need help managing the process, we are here to talk! Feel free to schedule your free consultation call with us here:

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