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White Sheet
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This ticket provides for a 1-hour college admissions planning session with Kenny Sholes, Founder of Foundry Admissions Strategies. To schedule the session:
From You, Foundry Admissions Expects: 
  • You will show up to meetings on time and prepared.

  • You will show up to meetings ready to discuss your progress against items we sent following the prior meeting. 

  • You are free to email us at literally anytime, but please call/text me no later than 10pm and no earlier than 8am. 

  • If you have questions or concerns, you will send them my way ASAP. There are seriously no bad/dumb questions. Also, I have thick skin – if something I’m doing is not helping you understand and/or navigate the admissions process, please let me know so we can change strategies. 

You Might Not Want to Work With Us If:
  • Your highest priority is to gain acceptance into the highest "ranked" college possible

  • You have an "Ivy-league or Bust" mentality to college admissions

  • You aren't ready to have difficult conversations about what is achievable in your college admissions goals

We should admire historic architecture for the same reasons we admire the details in an artist's painting, the nuance provided in the author's written word, and the taste emanating from the chef's plate. The architectural styles and details found on historic homes here in the Ag Reserve are not random or accidental - instead, they reflect trends, status, and preferences of architects, builders, and homeowners through time. 

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