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Your College Journey, Personalized and Stress-Free.

Specializing in empowering families through an individualized, tailored approach, we navigate the journey in a clear and transparent manner that minimizes pressure.




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The Best Guidance in College Admissions

  • You feel uncertain about the steps involved in the college admissions process and are unsure how to adequately prepare.

  • You feel like you are falling behind in the college admissions timeline, leading to stress and a desire to catch up.

  • You feel the undue pressure for your child to gain acceptance into elite colleges, causing anxiety and stress.

  • You face challenges in finding guidance that caters to a diverse range of your child’s needs, from those uncertain about their future to those seeking the perfect fit.

  • The college admissions process can create tension between you and your child, especially when expectations and uncertainties arise.

  • You feel challenged in managing the numerous moving pieces and deadlines associated with the admissions process.

Does this sound like you? These are the types of challenges we hear from families prior to our working together and we are here to change that.

Stephane R.

My son submitted his 12 college applications by November 1st. Phew. What a process it was! He would not have been able to do it without Kenny's steadfast guidance. Kenny and Foundry made this process so much more manageable. Our heartfelt thank you to Julia as well, who really helped our kid improve the quality of his essays.

Who We Are

In the often daunting landscape of college admissions, families frequently grapple with a stressful journey filled with uncertainties. Parents and students commonly share concerns, either feeling uncertain about the steps needed to prepare and navigate the process or sensing they are lagging behind and urgently wanting to catch up. Recognizing these pain points intimately, Foundry Admissions Strategies guides students in ensuring every individual finds their best-fit college.


Our transformative and personalized approach to college admissions is not just rhetoric; it's backed by concrete results. In the past 5 years, our personalized guidance led students to secure admission to more than 200 colleges, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored approach in navigating the diverse landscape of higher education. Beyond acceptances, our commitment to securing valuable financial support is underscored by our students collectively receiving over $10 million in scholarship awards during the same period.


With more than 55 5-star Google remarkable reviews, our clients' satisfaction speaks volumes about the trust, success, and positive experiences families have encountered with Foundry Admissions Strategies. Future families can be assured that they are not just choosing a service but a trusted partner in Foundry Admissions Strategies, backed by consistently high levels of family satisfaction and tangible outcomes. Our approach not only reduces stress and tension but also brings about a genuine sense of ease and confidence, making the college admissions process not just manageable but enjoyable. Families emerge from this transformative experience with reduced stress, strengthened family bonds, and the assurance that Foundry has been their steadfast partner in realizing their educational dreams.

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Our Process


Your Discovery Session

Our discovery session delves deep into your unique story, academic standing, and aspirations. Together, we set clear goals, ensuring a roadmap that aligns perfectly with your individual path to success.


Your Custom Plan

Tailored to your needs, our comprehensive proposal includes personalized strategies and services. We fine-tune your custom plan and solidify your commitment through a transparent contract. This step ensures clarity and sets the stage for a collaborative partnership.


on the Journey

Your transformative college admissions journey begins with a detailed roadmap presentation via Zoom. Explore a customized plan crafted just for you, aligning your goals with a purposeful strategy. With ongoing support and resources, our initial Zoom meeting marks the commencement of a positive, empowering, and successful partnership with Foundry Admissions Strategies.


Colleges Where Our Students Have Been Accepted

  • American University

  • Appalachian State University

  • Baylor University

  • Boston University

  • Brown University

  • Bucknell University

  • Carnegie Mellon

  • Cornell University

  • Drexel University

  • Flagler University

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