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College Admissions March Notes

Can you believe it’s already March!? 2024 is flying by and as much as I want things to slow down, I am very much looking forward to spring weather!


March is always a busy month for our students – spring break, new sports seasons, SAT testing, etc. With the busier schedule frequently comes the stress. So please remind your students (and yourselves) that self-care is super important!

Here are some college admissions-related tasks for our students this month:


Seniors: Continue to assess the various offers of admission (and financial aid) you’ve received to begin determining which college option is right for you. You will likely see colleges applying pressure via email in an effort speed up your decision. Don’t fall for this! Take your time!


Juniors: Many of you will be taking the SAT for the first time this month. Take a deep breath. While we have seen some colleges announce that they will again require test scores this fall, I still expect most to remain test optional. Once you’ve taken the test and received your scores, we have important data points that we can use to determine next steps (see my blog post on this below!).


Freshman and Sophomores: While the focus should remain on building a strong GPA and exploring extracurriculars, spring break is a great time to check out colleges if you are travelling! Official tours are not necessary at this point, but a quick walk through a campus (or even a drive through) can be beneficial in helping to being building a list of likes and dislikes about various types of campus settings.


Over the last two weeks I’ve published two blog posts that I wanted to be sure to highlight”



Additionally, we have several free webinars in the coming months. Just go here to check them out and grab a free ticket:


Finally, March is really a great time to jump into the college admissions process with us (especially for our juniors). If you’d like to learn more about how we might partner to navigate this process in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes outcomes, don’t hesitate to grab a free consultation call with me here:

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