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Where Have You Done Your Best Work?

For me, there is no better place to feel inspired and productive than a coffee shop. In fact, there is a specific coffee shop in Savannah, GA (Gallery Espresso) that I think is my favorite place on earth to get work done (my wife and I lived in Savannah when I was in the Army from 2008 - 2011). Big tables, large windows, excellent coffee, and the low conversations of those around me is where I do my best work. What about you?

Beth Logan, Connect Savannah

When I work with students, I like to ask them about a time when they felt really satisfied with an academic work they completed - a paper, a group assignment, a presentation...whatever. With that work in mind, I then ask them to reflect on the environment they were in when completing this work. Do they like to stay up late working or wake up early? Do they like the solitude of their bedroom or the more lively kitchen counter? A quiet library or a busy coffee shop?

Identifying these environments that are most conducive to putting forward our best work is really important because we want to be looking to recreate these environments on the various college campuses we visit! On these trips to college campuses, you should be asking yourself: could I do my best work here?

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