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College Deferrals and Letters of Continued Interest

So, you've received a deferral from the college of your dreams. While it may feel disheartening at first, a deferral is not the end of the road. In fact, it's an opportunity for you to express your continued interest and demonstrate why you are a standout candidate. A Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) can be a powerful tool in your college admissions toolkit. Here are some strategies to help you compose a compelling LOCI that can potentially sway the admission committee in your favor.

What is a LOCI? A Letter of Continued Interest is your chance to update the college on any significant achievements or changes in your academic or extracurricular profile since your initial application. It also allows you to reiterate your strong desire to attend that particular institution. 

I suggest beginning your letter with a genuine expression of gratitude for the opportunity to be considered for admission. This sets a positive tone and demonstrates your respect for the admission process. Consider addressing your letter to the person who sent your initial decision letter. This person is often the program manager or the admissions officer.

Next you want to provide the school with any update, sharing any noteworthy academic, extracurricular, or personal achievements that have occurred since you submitted your application. This could include improved test scores, new leadership roles, awards, or significant contributions to your community. Showcasing growth and continued dedication to your pursuits can strengthen your case. If you received feedback on areas of improvement during the deferral notification, use the LOCI as an opportunity to address those concerns. Demonstrate your commitment to personal and academic growth, and provide evidence of steps you've taken to overcome challenges. 

Conclude your LOCI by reiterating your genuine interest in the college and explain why it remains your top choice. Be specific about the aspects of the institution that appeal to you, such as unique programs, faculty, or opportunities that align with your academic and personal goals. Include any info on a campus visit if you’ve made one, and what specifically you loved. This is also another opportunity to highlight ways that you see yourself contributing to the college community. Discuss specific clubs, organizations, or initiatives that align with your interests and how you plan to actively engage with campus life.

A few additional tips: Keep it concise and respectful. Admissions officers are busy, so ensure your letter is clear, concise, and respectful of their time. Aim for a one-page letter that gets straight to the point while conveying your enthusiasm and updates effectively. Don’t forget to proofread your LOCI thoroughly. Nothing undermines a well-crafted letter like spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure you read directions and follow the college's guidelines for submitting additional materials. Some colleges prefer email submissions, while others may have a designated portal. Adhering to their instructions demonstrates your ability to follow guidelines and respect their procedures. Finally, be patient. The college admissions process can be time-consuming, and it's essential to give the admission committee the space they need to review your information.

Remember, we’re always here if you need help!

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