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Foundry Admissions December Notes

“To Do” Items:


· Finish Up Applications for your Regular Decisions Schools: Most of you still have a few schools left to apply to. I strongly recommend working to finish these up prior to winter break!

· Check Your Applicant Portals Weekly: Once you’ve applied to colleges and established your applicant portals, make sure you are logging into them weekly in case the colleges reach out for more information.

· Standby for the FAFSA: The latest news is that the FAFSA will become available no later than December 31st. As soon as we hear word that it is open, I will send an email to seniors.

· Begin Researching Scholarship Opportunities: As you finish up college applications, it’s a great time to start researching scholarships. I strongly recommend you start by identifying local scholarships. Most high schools actually maintain a list of these on their websites. If you can’t find them, talk to your high school counselor.

· Keep Up Those Grades!: Colleges will likely want to see first semester grades. Keep them up!


· Establish Your Common Application Account: Go to to establish your free account (it takes 2 minutes!).

· Build Your Initial List of Colleges of Interest: At this point in time, I’d recommend building an initial list of 15-20 colleges.

· Begin Developing Your List of High School Activities: December is a great time to reflect on the last few years. Take some time to build a list of all the extracurriculars (clubs, sports, jobs, community service, etc.) you have been involved with over your high school career.

· Establish a Plan for When You Will Take the SAT/ACT and How You Will Prepare: Although colleges remain largely test optional, I still highly recommend that all students take the SAT or ACT at least once. When will you do it and how will you prepare?

Sophomores and Freshman:

· Get Involved!: Colleges will be very interested to see how you engaged with your high school and local community. Now is the time to explore interests and activities outside the classroom.

· Keep Up the Grades: Your GPA is the foundation upon which your college applications will be built.

· Research Colleges: It’s still early, but conducting some basic online research of colleges that sound interesting can be helpful.

· Read!: Good readers make good writers! Reading outside of the classroom now will pay dividends down the road!

Foundry Admissions Acceptances:

We are so proud of our seniors! Here are the acceptances they have received so far!

Upcoming Foundry Events:

Free Webinars: In 2024, we plan to offer at least one monthly free webinar. Here are the webinars and links to grab your free tickets for January, February, and March:

January Cohort Sessions: Beginning on January 23rd, I will run the next round of Cohort Sessions – small group (5-10 students/parents) sessions that will meet once per week for 1.5 hours over a six-week block of time. These will be super helpful for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders looking to get a jump on the admissions process.

· Learn More and Enroll: January Cohort Sessions

Come Talk to Us:

Free Consultations: We are always here to answer your questions and talk about how we might work together to navigate this process. Don’t hesitate to schedule some time to learn more:

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