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College Admissions April Notes

Welcome to April! 2024 continues to fly by and I am so excited for the spring weather (whenever it gets here:)

Based on conversations with many families, March was super busy. Between Spring Break and a change of sports seasons, I've heard from many who didn't get as much done in their college admissions process as they would have liked. No worries at all! Let's get back into a rhythm this month!


On that note, I will be running another 6-week Foundry Cohort Session starting April 16th. These small group sessions are perfect for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders looking to get a jump on the process. You can learn more about them and enroll here: Foundry Cohorts


We're running a College List Building webinar on April 11th: More on that Here

Here are some college admissions-related tasks for our students this month:

  • Seniors: We know there continues to be issues and delays associated with the FAFSA. It's incredibly frustrating, but hang in there. Continue to assess the colleges where you've been accepted and research potential scholarship opportunities available to freshman at the schools where you might enroll.

  • Juniors: Many of you will be receiving your SAT scores from the March test in the coming weeks. Once you have those scores, you can do some research to determine whether you want to take the test again, take the ACT instead, or if you are done with testing. We'd also recommend spending some time brainstorming your personal essay now that the Common App has released the prompts (which haven't changed from last year).

  • Freshman and Sophomores: Keep those grades up and use the spring to explore extracurriculars. Additionally, how will you spend your time this summer? Colleges will be curious to hear about your summer experiences when it comes time to apply in a few years!

Two blog posts that I wanted to be sure to highlight:

Additionally, we have several free webinars in the coming months. Just go here to check them out and grab a free ticket:


Finally, April is really a great time to jump into the college admissions process with us (especially for our juniors). If you'd like to learn more about how we might partner to navigate this process in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes outcomes, don't hesitate to grab a free consultation call with us here: Free Consultation Call

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