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How We're Embracing AI to Help Students

There’s no question that Artificial intelligence (AI) is profoundly transforming the landscape of business across virtually every industry. Here at Foundry Admissions, we are consistently thinking of ways we can use AI to enhance our work with students. Below are some of the ways we’re currently using AI:

o   Meeting Summaries: Following meetings with students, the transcribed text of the discussions (names are removed) are placed into ChatGPT to generate a concise meeting summary used to highlight key discussion points and next steps.

o   College List Verification: Using the descriptions of the type of college experience students are looking to have (school size, location, academics, etc.), we can use AI to provide a rough initial set of colleges that fit these criteria.

o   Image and Graphic Development: As we work to highlight various components of the admissions process to our students, we sometimes use AI to generate images and graphics to support key learning points.

o   Essay Brainstorming and Structuring: While students should not use AI to write college application essays (the AI is not able to provide the level of detail and personal reflection needed in these essays), we have found it useful in presenting various essay structures to highlight different topics. As such, we’ve found AI to be a useful brainstorming and organizational tool to be used at the beginning of the writing process.

o   Alumni Research: Interested in knowing about alumni from a college you are interested in? AI is great for this. We can search for and develop a list of successful alumni in various industries who received degrees from the college of your choosing.


While the use of AI requires caution, we see it as an additional tool to be used in helping students identify and apply to colleges that will be great fits in a manner that reduces stress and improves outcomes.

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