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October 1st College Admissions "To Do" Items for Seniors

It's October 1 and the clock is officially ticking for those of you with approaching EA deadlines! (for most, this means either October 15th or November 1st). Below are some key items to ensure you have covered!

  • SATs/ACTs: Have you sent your official scores to the colleges where you plan to use them? If not, please go to the College Board and/or the ACT site to send the scores (I know some of you are still waiting on scores from recent tests and that's fine, just make sure you've submitted the scores prior to deadlines).

  • Common App Personal Essay: Hopefully you are done with this. If not, you should really try to finalize and paste it into your Common App account within the next week.

  • Activities List: Same as for the Common App Personal Essay.

  • Supplemental Essays: Start to prioritize completing the supplementals for the schools with the near-term deadlines.

  • Naviance: Many of you have probably already done this, but you will need to link your Common App account to your Naviance account. This is how your high school will know where you are applying and what deadline you are using for each college, allowing them to send transcripts and teacher recommendations to the right places before the deadlines. If you haven't taken this step yet, I'd recommend speaking with your school counselor to get it done (each high school does this a bit differently).

  • Financial Aid Filing: Now that we are in October, you should be able to submit those documents. Sooner is better than later. Let me know if you have questions!

Finally, just a note that I am incredibly impressed with each of your abilities to push through so much adversity to get these applications in. Over the last month, I've spoken and worked with many seniors and their families. One common trend is that senior year is more stressful and difficult than expected. So if you are feeling that way, so is everyone else. Just keep pushing!

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