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You've Received Your PSAT Score, Now What!?

High school sophomores and juniors across the country are receiving their PSAT scores this time of year. Here are some thoughts about how to use those scores to chart a path forward!

First, especially if you aren't happy with your score, relax! Remember that the "P" in PSAT stands for practice. This is just a practice test, and most students experience a positive score bump on the real thing (partly because of the testing experience you've gained from taking this practice test)!

If you did score well, congrats! While it is just practice, if you did really well, you might qualify for the national merit scholarship program. To check whether your score is likely high enough to be in the running for this prestigious program, check here: PSAT NMS Qualifying.

If you are a junior, having a PSAT score is a great way to establish a study plan to take the official SAT in the spring. The Khan Academy is a great free resource that can help you do this.

Consider taking the Practice ACT! While most students take the PSAT, very few take a practice ACT. We strongly recommend exploring this option, as many students find the ACT to be more suited to their academic strengths than the SAT.

Finally, remember that standardized testing is just one component of the college applications you will submit. Because most schools remain test optional, it's likely you will apply to some schools without using scores at all. Looking to get a jump on the other components of the application process? We can help! Join us for our next Foundry Cohorts sessions or our next Foundry Boot Camp!

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